Content Strategy Tips For Internet Marketing

In the beginning stages of the Internet, say four or five years ago, a company’s online business was pretty simple. All they needed to do was to put up a site with images of their goods, put in ecommerce and simply wait for the orders to start coming in. Things have changed a lot since then, and today an online business needs a clear content strategy based on an ever-increasing popularity of real time interaction. The company needs to stay a step ahead of the market, providing relevant and useful information on their web sites. Any business needs a strategy, and online business is no exception.

Content Strategy Tips For Internet Marketing
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Most companies today have FaceBook and Twitter accounts to help promote their businesses. Read on to get a few tips on how you can get a content strategy of your own. At least there are 4 channels that you should implement:


Having a blog is a great ideas to promote awareness about your company. The key to running a successful blog is to give your audience useful information which would make whatever tasks in question, easier to handle. Make it useful to THEM, do not just speak of what YOU want to speak about. If your company makes hardware tools why not put in a few DIY articles on your blog to help your users get the optimum out of the tools? Most people who read blogs quickly get accustomed to a particular blog for a particular subject, and they stay faithful to it. As long as your content is useful and regularly updated, you can expect loyal readers to start trickling in.


Even before you start to design a web site or a blog, you need to have a clear idea on the requirement of the same. Ask yourself why you even want the web site? What is it supposed to convey? Who is your target audience, and what age group do they belong to? How would you ensure that all content on the site would truly be useful to that target audience? You need to do more than just provide information on products, you need to publish readable content to engage the viewers.


Search Engine Optimization is not as big as it used to be, but it still is important. It is definitely a bad idea to try and stuff your articles with key words. On the other hand, a few key words thoughtfully put into text would not harm either.The bottom line is – write truly useful content and you will probably use the relevant key words in any case! Don’t forget to properly name all image files as well. All in all, make your content search engine friendly.

Social Media

Social Media is bigger than ever today. Why not tell people about your company on facebook or twitter? Once you have a few fans and followers on social media, your web site would get a lot more traffic from genuine users. You can easily integrate a facebook ‘like’ button on your site. Most Internet users would not mind taking just a second to click on a ‘like’ button to promote something they truly like!


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